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Making Sense of the Human Condition

Leaving Your Mark in Hidden Places

As many of you know I’m really into metaphors and allegories, it’s always a big feature of my music but I saw this in my other job today and it got me thinking.

I was dismantling this manual wind Omega watch from the 1960s and spotted that a previous watchmaker had scratched their name and the date under the ratchet wheel (you can just see it in the picture). 

Now I’ve seen this kind of thing many times before and it’s common practice to inscribe the inside rear of watch case after a service, but not on the movement itself and especially where it’s been inscribed in such a hidden position.  It’s completely obscured from view in every possible way and the only person that will see this is the next watchmaker that services the watch, in this case me.   So why on earth would they do this?  Well there’s only one reason I can think of and it’s some sort of marking your territory thing, a bit like when my dog has to relieve himself on every single lamp post on his walks.  He’s leaving a message completely invisible to humans, to all the other dogs that this is his patch and I’ve been here… But even armed with this insight I’m still baffled…

Releasing New Music and The Art of Progression

I’m about to release my next album, a few weeks away now and someone asked me a great question recently which I think deserves a wider audience because I think the answer is relevant to any anyone that has ever presented any artistic endeavour to a wider audience.  WARNING. This is a long rambling post so skip to the tl; dr below if you don’t have the time.

Are you nervous before releasing new music? (Thanks to Jean-Maurice Bicard for this great question)

Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

This sounds morbid, but I think a great way to check how your life is going is to imagine yourself at the end of it looking backward to the point you are now…Are you heading in the right direction? And are you going to achieve all the things you wanted to?…Let’s face it there’s nothing you can do about changing anything from now to birth, but you can do a lot to change your life from your current position to death.

Your Mind Is A TV

I’m interested in the concept of your mind being like a constantly broadcasting TV set. Your thoughts are like a drama playing out in your favourite film or soap opera. You start to feel anxiety as the danger surfaces or the monster appears suddenly from the shadows. You feel warm when your favourite character walks along a beautiful beach with a golden sunset and you feel the icy blast and loneliness when they are trudging through snow, desperately trying to reach some remote and dangerous destination.

Code Yourself A New Brain

I’m not really much of a spiritual person, so it does cause some resistance straight away when many self help solutions for anxiety and depression seem to point toward ‘spiritual healing’.

Rightly or wrongly, being an engineer by background has always forced to me to seek solutions to any problem, from engineering principles.  I’ve therefore spent some time considering the notion that the thinking mind is much like any other complex machine, and hoping this might give me an edge in my own therapy with the fundamental principle being that you can’t fix anything until you know how it works…or at least know how it behaves when operated in a certain way.

Why Boredom Might Be a Good Thing

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent a weekend pacing up and down the lounge trying to work out what to do with myself. In recent years it’s a feeling that almost completely went away but it’s started coming back a lot recently.

 I’ve previously been so busy with my business, music and family stuff that there’s rarely been a time I’ve had a moment to think about what I should be doing next, but stuff hasn’t been going so well over the last year or so…and the feeling’s come back.

What Do You Value?

If you are a fan of Cosmograf you’ll recall that the concept for my album ‘The Man Left In Space’ wasn’t really a story about a space man who forgot what time the bus back to earth was leaving.  It was really about the attraction and pitfalls of success, what we strive for and what happens after we achieve our life goals.

History is littered with the sad stories of those that became the best at what they do, through years of dedication and hard work.  They achieved their life’s ambition, the pinnacle of what possibly could be achieved and then things started to go wrong.  Once they achieved their goals, their reasons for existing were brought into question in their own minds, and so did the very essence and identity of their lives.   When this happens, the fame, adulation and glory inevitably makes way for alcohol drugs,  depression and sometimes even suicide.

An Artist’s Dilemma

Here’s a dilemma which will surely resonate with all modern artists of all media.

The modern artist today has seemingly 2 major choices to get their work out there. 

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

I’ve spent a quite a large chunk of my life trying to find my life’s purpose..As a teenager like most in my peer group I dreamed of being a rock star but the dream wasn’t real enough to put aside trying to work towards great exam results and a ‘proper job’.  Sadly the dream was enough to derail my commitment to study on many occasions and by the time I’d found the thrill of playing in bands and writing music, my ability to study started to seriously wane.

The Struggle For Happiness

It won’t be news to my friends here that I’ve become particularly interested in ‘matters of the self’ and why us humans do the things we do (Every album I’ve made alludes to the struggle).   I’ve recently been reading the hell out of everything from Eckhart Tolle to Friedrich Nietzsche and chewing the ears off friends with wiser minds than mine, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I managed to get through more than half of my life ill equipped to deal with its ups and downs. 

It’s like setting out across the oceans in a rubber dinghy and a plastic paddle without a chart.  In calm waters you’ll convince yourself you are on course and making good progress but as soon as the first storm hits, you wonder why you are upside down and drowning.  But I also know I’m not unique here…and I’ve been pretty wreckless at times in setting out on some big seas without a care for a life jacket…The consequences are also much more profound when you drag others on the same journey, like your partner, friends or family…

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